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The TAGB organize numerous competitions annually - both national and local .  The TAGB have also hosted several Tae Kwon-Do International Open World Championships. All competitions are open to yellow tag and above and competitors are banded according to grade, age and weight (or height for juniors) according to the event.

Referees and Umpires are drawn from black belt grades who have undertaken further training in this area.

The competition side of Tae Kwon-Do is purely optional - but even if you don't wish to compete it is great to go and watch. Tae Kwon-Do is also an Olympic sport - although this is a different style to that practiced by us.

There are three main events in competitions - sparring, patterns and destruction.

Competition Sparring

All matches are semi-contact with full TAGB approved safety equipment worn to reduce the risk of injury.

There are two main types of sparring - point stop and continuous. Lower grades, juniors and executives will usually compete in point stop whilst higher grade adults  usually compete in continuous. Bouts consist of one or more timed rounds.

Point stop: As the name suggests bouts are stopped and re-started after a scoring technique, points being decided by the referee in conjunction with two other officials. Another form of point stop is tag-team sparring which consists of teams of three members, all of whom must fight at least once during the bout. Team members may change places during breaks in the sparring - for example after a point is scored.

Continuous: In this form of sparring the bout carries on uninterrupted (barring rule infringements) until the end of the time period. It therefore tends to be faster moving than point stop. Four 'corner judges' award points as they are seen by using hand held recorders (clickers). 

Competition Patterns

Men, Women, Boys and Girls  compete in separate divisions. Black belts  perform a pattern from within their Dan status. Coloured belts will usually perform in divisions according to their respective belt colours.  Coloured belts perform either a choice pattern or one chosen by the organisers.

Patterns are marked in 1/10th of a point division, with 9.5 being the average standard. Points are deducted for errors such as  incorrect techniques, hesitation, incorrect ready position and omission of moves. A competitor failing to complete the pattern (including a hesitation of longer than 3 seconds or omitting 3 or more moves) is disqualified.

Some tournaments  may include a team pattern competition. Three competitors perform the same pattern as a team, with consideration given in the scoring to how well they keep together as well as the usual considerations.

Competition Destruction

As with destruction within classes and gradings this is only open to black belt adults.

Tournaments will usually include men's hand and foot and ladies hand and foot divisions with all Dan grades competing in the same division. The number and type of techniques allowed in any particular tournament  is chosen by the organiser.


Kevin with his trophies from the 2016 Welsh Championships


The World Championship Venue 2007
The National Indoor Arena, Birmingham



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