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Progress in Tae Kwon-Do is measured by the awarding of belts. A beginner starts with a white belt and there are then nine further 'coloured' belts to be obtained before a black belt is awarded. Progress from that point is by the awarding of black belt 'dan' grades - indicated by stripes on the belt. The colour belt progression is shown below with 'tag' belts between each solid colour i.e. yellow tag, yellow belt etc.

white belt yellow tag yellow belt green tag green belt blue tag blue belt red tag red belt black tag

Testing for promotion to the next coloured belt is held at quarterly gradings, although minimum times between gradings increases from three months to six months once you reach blue belt. Entry to the grading is at the discretion of your instructor dependent on reaching the appropriate standard and having attended a minimum number of training sessions.

Coloured belt gradings are conducted by one of the TAGB Committee members - in this area it is Mr Ron Sergiew 8th Dan Black Belt. Gradings for our club are held at the Watford venue, although if it is not possible to attend on that date arrangements may be made to grade on another day at an alternative venue.

In tradition with the military history of Tae Kwon-Do, gradings are conducted in a formal manner. There is certain etiquette which is expected and you will be advised of this prior to your first grading.

Dependent on grade, gradings generally consist of line work, set sparring, one or more patterns, free sparring and theory. The theory element is conducted by one of a panel of black belts.

Gradings for all levels of black belt are held at the TAGB Bristol Academy (right) in front of a panel of TAGB Committee members.

tagb academy 
tagb academy hall

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