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Training in Tae Kwon-Do encompasses many different aspects which include:


A Pattern is a set of fundamental movements, mainly defence and attack, set in a logical sequence to deal with one or more imaginary opponents. Patterns are a major element of Tae Kwon-Do and students start to learn them as soon as they have passed their first grading.

From yellow tag to black belt one new pattern is learnt at each grade (but students must also continue to practise and improve their previous patterns) whilst from 1st Dan onwards there are three patterns to learn between gradings.  There are 24 patterns in total, representing 24 hours in the day, and each pattern has a name taken from Korean history. Students are required to learn the meaning of each pattern. 

Line Work

Line Work is a means of practicing basic stances, techniques and combinations of techniques as a class. Combinations are often taken from those performed in patterns. The line up (which places the higher grades at the front) allows lower grade students to learn from, and emulate, the higher grade students.

Set Sparring
Set Sparring allows the practice of techniques against a partner within controlled circumstances. In set sparring the complexity of attack is increased from punch only to hand and foot combination techniques. The use of speed and reaction also adds an element of realism to the set sparring. It is designed to improve focus, distance and timing.  One Step Sparring is the closest form of set sparring to real self defence situations.


Free sparring is essentially open combat with controlled attacking and prohibition of attacking to certain vital spots. In free sparring there is no pre-arranged mode between players, and both participants are completely free to attack and defend with all available means and methods with one exception. The attacker must stop the attacking tool just before reaching the vital spot. Sparring is 'semi-contact' and full safety equipment is worn to avoid any risk of injury. 

Students begin sparring in gradings at Blue Belt level. 


This section is strictly for Black Belt Adult students involving the breaking of boards with bare hands and feet, which requires a high level of discipline and skill and demonstrates the power of Tae Kwon-Do techniques.

Self Defence

Tae Kwon-Do provides excellent skills to enable men, women and children to defend themselves if the need arises. Students are able to safely practice means of defending themselves against common types of attack and are encouraged to experiment in developing techniques that work for them personally.

Fitness and Flexibility:

Whilst taking part in Tae Kwon-Do naturally develops fitness and flexibility, some lessons emphasize these areas.


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